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Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 Purpose

This association will promote friendship among alumni and contribute toward the development of Tae Kwon Do in the U.S. This Association will serve with the expansion of our Alma Mater and promote fairness, freedom, ambition and humanitarianism and also make a contribution toward the enhancement of national prestige and advancement of the Tae Kwon Do.

Article 2 Name

This association will be called as U.S. Yong In University Tae Kwon Do Alumni Association.

Chapter 2 Projects

Article 3 Projects

This Association will complete the following projects as described in article 1.

  1. Promote friendship between alumni
  2. Help newly graduates to find employment or open a school
  3. Support the Yong In University when plays in nationwide competition.
  4. Goodwill Games among alumni's school and interchange of information & new technique.
  5. Support the international competitions sponsored by Yong In University.
  6. Manage and supervise branch offices and/or schools under this association.
  7. Develop programs and supplies required for the education.
  8. Hold seminars in order to improve in quality and interchange of technique and skills among alumni.
  9. Remain in good relationship between this association and Yong In University Alumni Association as well as Tae Kwon Do Department Association.
  10. 10. Any other projects required to achieve this association's goals.

Chapter 3 Structure

Article 4 Structure

This association will be consist of following members.

  1. A regular member will be a graduate of Tae Kwon Do Department of Yong In University.
  2. Any other department of Yong In University graduates whose work is related to Tae Kwon Do.
  3. This association can have an advisory and/or administrative member who has a great wealth of knowledge, a moral influence and agrees to this association's goals even though is not a graduate of Yong In University.


Article 5 Classification of membership

This association will classify the following 3 types of memberships.

  1. Regular member: who conforms to Article 4, Number 1.
  2. Associate member: who conforms to Article 4, Number 2 and make contributions to this association.
  3. Special members: who conforms to Article 4, Number 3.

** Eligibility of associate and special members is as follows:

    • This association's approval and majority vote from members of the committee.
    • They have the rights to a voice but no voting rights.

Chapter 4 Officers

Article 6 Composition of officers

  1. Elected members.

    • President: 1 person
    • Vice president: a few people
    • Secretary General:
    • Secretary:
    • Administrative member:
    • Governor

  2. Appointed members

    • Counselor: a few people
    • Advisory member: a few people

Article 7 Terms of officers

The officers will have the following terms to serve.

  1. All officers' terms of service will be 2 years based on the regular general meetings.
  2. When all the officers including president and vice president are re-elected during their terms of service, new officers' terms of services will be the remainder of the terms, and if the remainder of terms is less than 1 year, the remainder of terms will be added to their regular terms of service.
  3. In some cases when their terms ended, current officers will work as their duties until the new officers take over the office.
  4. All officers can be re-elected for 2 years.

Article 8 Method of election

  1. President and governor are appointed from the general meeting of representatives.
  2. Vice president and all other officers will be appointed by the president and will be consulted by the general meeting of representatives.
  3. Eligibility for the president candidate should be served as an officer in the branch office for more than 2 years.

Article 9 Responsibilities of officers

  1. President will represent this association and generalize the business.
  2. Vice president will assist the president and at the time of an accident of the president, chief vice president will stand in the place of the president.
  3. Administrative members will organize the committee and attend the general meeting to vote for the business of this association.

Article 10 Responsibilities of governors

  1. Audit accounts of this association.
  2. Manage of the administrative department and supervise their business.
  3. If they find any dishonesty and/or absurdity as the result of numbers 1 and 2, they can request a reform to the general meeting and administrative department.
  4. They can request a general meeting for the purpose of reporting the findings from number 2.

Chapter 5 General Meetings

Article 11

General meeting will consist of representatives according to article ( ).
It will also consist of governor, counselor, president, vice president, an executive of general affairs and chiefs of each branch offices.

Article 12

General meeting will pass the following votes as the supreme legislative organ of this association.

  1. Election of the officers
  2. Changing of regulations and agreements
  3. Approval of budgets and liquidations
  4. Planning and approving of business
  5. any other important businesses

Article 13 Call

  1. General meeting is divided by ordinary general meeting and extraordinary general meeting and the president calls these meetings.

    A. Ordinary general meeting will be held every year in ______ and extraordinary meeting will be called when they are needed by administrative department or when there is a written request from more than 1/3 of administrative department members.

  2. General meeting call will be delivered to members in one month advance with the detailed explanation.
  3. President will be the chair man of the general meeting but if necessary, a temporary chair man can be elected from members of representatives.

Article 14 Cases of called general meetings

  1. President must call a general meeting within 2 months when there is any of the following requests for general meeting.
  2. When more than a half of administrative members request a general meeting with a purpose.
  3. When more than half of governors request a general meeting.

Article 15 A fixed number for passing a vote

  1. general meeting will be formed when more than half of current representative members attend the meeting, and voting by proxy with the power of attorney will not be honored.
  2. Declaration of vote will be made by majority of attending representative members except for those specially stipulated by this regulation.

Article 16 Non-confidence of members

  1. The Officers can be relieved from their duty partially or on the whole but 1 year must be passed from the day that officer took the office.
  2. The dismissal proposal can be proposed by more than 1/3 of representative members' approval, and will be decided by more than 2/3 of representative members' approval.
  3. When the dismissal proposal passed, the officer will be relieved from his duty at once.

Article 17 Member's right to a voice




Article 18 An Urgent Conference

  1. The president can voluntarily carry out the urgent conference when the president recognizes the matter as negligible or an emergency. However, the president must follow the request when more than 1/2 of representative members demand formally.

Chapter 6 Branch Offices

Southern District

Western District

Eastern District

Northern Central District

Chapter 7 Assets & Accounting

Article 19 Assets

The Assets of this association is as follows.

  1. Movable and immovable estates belong to this association.
  2. Fund
  3. Membership Fee (School owners: $ 100.00, Instructors: $ 50.00)
  4. Donations and Contributions
  5. Subsidies from the branch offices
  6. Earnings from the projects
  7. Other earnings

Article 20 Financial Report

  1. An annual financial report will be made in the general meeting.

Chapter 8 Affection and Respect

Article 21 Affection and respect

  1. When a matter for congratulation happens to a member of this association, either a wreath or an appropriate gift will be sent to the member from the branch office on behalf of the association.
  2. Any other affection and respect will be handled according to the usual custom.

Chapter 9 Supplementary regulations

Article 22 Award and punishment



Article 23 Revision of the regulation

The revision of the regulation proposal can be proposed by either determination from the administrative members or more than 1/3 of representative members' approval, and will be decided by more than 2/3 of representative members' approval.

Article 24 Effectuation of the regulation

This regulation will become effective from the date of approval in a general meeting.

Article 25 Detailed enforcement regulations

Rules of regulations required to operate this regulation will be determined from approval of the administrative members.


Admission to Membership and Registration Regulations

Article 1 Purpose

This regulation is necessary to accomplish the goals of this association, in the interest of quality improvement of the national sport Tae Kwon Do by admitting novel alumni, to block randomly establishing schools, to regulate the environment which might be dangerous to citizen's health, and to unify administration systems of the schools.

Article 2 Boundaries of establishments

Establishing a new school must maintain a certain distance from an existing school. However if it should be the inside of the proper boundary then it must be approved from the existing school and the branch office of this association. (The distance restriction will be set by each branch offices.)

Article 3 Registration and Process

When a new school wishes to register to this association after establishing the school, the following documents must be prepared and presented.

  1. Application

After the application is received, the administrative department will process the application.

Article 4 Membership Fees

  1. Registration fee
  2. Annual membership fee
  3. Each branch offices will set the branch membership fee
  4. The rest fees will be set according to the situation.

Article 5 Revision of regulations

This regulation will be revised when there is an approval by more than a half of administrative members and will be decided by passing a vote at the general meeting.

Supplementary regulations

  1. This regulation will be effective from the date of enactment.
  2. Insufficient details of this regulation will be handled according to the usual custom.

Reward and Punishments

Article 1 Purpose

A member who rendered a distinguished service to this association in order to achieve the goal of this association will be awarded accordingly, and on the other hand, a member who violates the regulation will be punished.

Article 2 Judgment of rewards and decision

  1. The administrative department will select a prize winner according to the reward regulation.

    A. Reward Regulation: Will be set forth according to the various situations.

Article 3 Punishment

This association will suspend, revoke their membership and/or expel a member from its membership when a regular member violates the regulation in a following ways.

  1. Who does not observe regulation and provision
  2. Who joined a similar association and falls into disorder
  3. Who loses the dignity as an instructor and dishonor this association
  4. Who is a membership fee defaulter
  5. Who promotes the discord among the members
    (A fraud, Threat, overpowering of seniors by juniors, etc)
  6. Who is not suitable as a member

Article 4 Suspension

  1. A member will be punished according to the all items in Article 3 and the terms will be 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
  2. During the terms of suspension, the member loses his/her rights as a member and must pay his/her membership dues.

Article 5 Revoke & Expel from its membership

  1. A member who is either revoked and/or expelled will lose all their rights as a member of this association, and will be banned from using any names and logos related to this association.
  2. A member who does not correct his/her behavior after the 2 nd offence will be revoked and expelled from the association.

Article 6 Punishment process

A member and/or group who violate any item in Article 3 will be punished by the administrative department.

Article 7 Expense

All the expenses will be provided after the approval from the administrative department.

Article 8 Accounting

A manager will handle the membership fees and if necessary president can appoint another person for the handling of the membership fees.

Article 9 Report

Accounting report and annual administration report will be handed into the regular general meeting after the approval from the administrative department every year.

Article 10 Etc

Any subject which is not discussed in this regulation will be set forth by the administrative department's decision.

Supplementary regulations

  1. This regulation will be effective from the date of enactment.
  2. Insufficient details of this regulation will be handled according to the usual custom.

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